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Sleep coach for babies and toddlers
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Sleep coach for babies and toddlers


Sleep coaching?

"I slept like a baby!" - new parents have never said this.

I'm Kelly and as a mother of two boys under the age of two, I found sleep deprivation to be my toughest opponent. That's why I have a mission: a mission to help you and your baby sleep through the night again!

Does your child only fall asleep when breastfeeding, carrying or rocking? Does he have difficulty falling asleep and wakes up easily or often? Are you at a loss and tired? Your nerves are on edge and you don't know what to do next? Have you tried a lot but nothing really worked?

I can help you!

"Gentle dreams begin with a good night's sleep. Together we will bring peace into your home."

Über mich

Educator since 2016

Sleep coach since 2021

Individual program

Over 250 families


Individual sleep plans

Together we will create an individual sleep plan for your child and implement it step by step. This is how your child naturally learns to fall asleep and stay asleep on their own.

Consultation call

A first conversation is free. Let's have a chat!


I offer workshops and group coaching on my online platforms


Customer testimonials

Competent, individual and sympathetic! Improvement from Day 1 and simply explained in a log, step by step. Op d'Kand an d'Elteren ofgestemt. Everything is worth it! Many thanks for the energy support Kelly :)

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